Tuesday 18 June 2013

Facing up to the G8

Neo-Jesus from Glasgow and the Big Yin.

Cheeky message on the march.

Foyle Pride and Fermanagh police.

Embracing first language to shun capitalism.

Another message for Obama.

Old heroic causes never die.

Big boards for big message.

On the march to the barricades.

The biggest drip in the protest.
Come on Donegal!

A protester from Prince Edward Island in the island town.

Familiar faces in Enniskillen.

Stripped to the skin by austerity

And pigs would fly… 

G8 not welcome here.

Our banner on the protest march.

A patrol on the river and police on the hills.

Nothing to do but lean on a fence and collect overtime.

Fist salute from Eddie Molloy.

Sit down protesters.

Relax and enjoy the evening.

Faces in the crowd at the 'ring of steel' roadblock.

Faces and phones in the crowd.

Another miscarriage of justice.

Listening to the speakers.

Jester has a smoke.

A comfy seat for now.

Settling down for the  night.

Clerical advice from the Craggy Island contingent.

Game for the protest.

This road sign says it all.

Crochet crusaders at the 'ring of steel' fence.

Veteran protester Eammon McCann addresses crowd.

£4m for security fence and it was breached easily.

A singalong on the way back to town.

We're left with the bill for this convoy of about 50 police Landrovers.

This shop front is as fake as political promises.

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